Free video editing programs offer a fast and a hassle-free way of editing your videos. And the best part is that most of these software are so easy that beginner editors will find them great.


A video editor comes in handy when you need to extract audio from video file or you want to cut out parts of a video, add audio, add subtitles, merge video files together, build a DVD menu and even fade a video out. A video editor of some sort is important to most vloggers.


Because majority free video editors limit features to promote their professional versions, you may not access a full list of features that let you accomplish advanced edits. For video editors that offer more features but come at a cost, your best bet is to try mid-level video software.


  1. OpenShot (Windows, Linux and Mac)

OpenShot has lots of amazing features, which make editing videos using this editor an extraordinary experience. It can be downloaded for free in Windows and Mac as well as Linux.


Some of its supported features include audio and image support, curve-based Key Frame animations, 3D effects and animated tiles and unlimited layers and tracks.


The software is also ideal for scaling, trimming, clip resizing, rotation and snapping, as well as frame stepping, audio mixing, time-mapping and real time previews.


The fact that all this is available for you for free is a good enough reason to download it and try the editor before you buy the paid version.


  1. VideoPad (Windows & Mac)

VideoPad is yet another video editing software that’s designed for Mac and Windows, and it’s from NCH Software.


Completely free for non-commercial use, the program supports drag-and-drop, 3D video editing, transitions, effects, video stabilization, free built-in sound effects, color control, easy narration and text and caption overlay.


VideoPad also lets you reverse the video, alter the video speed, burn DVDs, export movies to YouTube and import music and has different resolutions like 4K and 2K.


  1. Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

This software works as a free video converter, and it’s why it makes it to this list. But what truly sets it apart is its easy-to-use features.

Ability to perform some light editing to videos is even better when you can also use same tool for converting the file to various other formats, or even directly burn files to a disc.

Its features include clipping out sections that you don’t want from your video, adding or removing audio, merging/joining videos and adding subtitles.


  1. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

The VSDC is complete free video editing software that can be installed on Windows. But you need to be warned because this program isn’t the easiest to use especially for beginners since it has a lot of menus and features.


However, if you stick around and play a bit with the editor, it becomes much less daunting than when you first opened it.


It even has a wizard that you can run out to make matters a little easier. Among the things you can do include adding shapes, charts, and lines. You can also add animations, audios, images and subtitles. Plus, it’s also capable of exporting videos to various file formats.


Also, this video editor also allows you to easily set up their screen recorder and video capture program. While these are optional, they can be important in some projects.


  1. iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is absolutely free for macOS. The video editor offers lots of options for editing audio and video, and lets you add music, narration and photos to your videos.


The ability of iMovie to make 4K-res movies is probably its most outstanding feature, and you can start it on your iPad or iPhone and then finish the job on your Mac.


  1. Movie Maker (Windows)

This free video editing software from Windows comes preinstalled on various Window versions. It can be used to create as well as share high-quality clips or movies.


The reason I’ve included it here is because it is already on a number of Windows machines, which mean it could be available to you even without needing to download anything.


While Microsoft discontinued the Movie Maker at the beginning of 2017, it’s still possible to download it from websites that have no relationship with Microsoft.


More Free Online-based Editing Software


Are you still looking for other options other than the ones described above? Or are you interested in editing your videos online without being charged for it? There are many online editors that are just as the downloaded tools. The services are perfect for remixing and re-editing web videos, and some can even let you generate DVDs of your videos.