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Some very cool free apps you can find online. Don’t worry we will organize everything for you so you can find it all in one place.

The best place to download free coupons online

At this time and age, technology has made almost everything easier from working and communication, to shopping. Today, many people are opting to save money through online coupon and if you have not taken this advantage, you surely are missing out. Coupon sites can give you a saving of up to 50% or more on stores you want to shop at. These money-saving websites have made it quick and easy to find the best coupons and promo codes regardless of whether you want virtual coupon codes to use online or printable grocery coupon. In 2014, NCH released a report that consumers were saving $3.4 billion just by redeeming coupons and if you want to be in this category, sign up with various sites and check them from time to time before making a purchase on anything. If you still don’t know where to start from, don’t worry as we have the best places to download free coupons online. is one of a kind website for printable coupons. There are thousands of super deals for anything you would wish to buy virtually, be it groceries, cosmetics, household goods, and clothes. The company was established in 1998 and therefore, you have a reason to trust their services. Once you visit the website on a regular basis, you realize that there are added features and options for savings that include more than 275 digital coupons, online printable coupons, and social, mobile, and loyalty card promotions. When you put your ZIP code, the website automatically looks for deals in your area, and you can look through and after picking what you want, print out coupons in just a few seconds to take to the stores. The best thing is to sign up for emails and receive new deals as frequently as possible.


RetailMeNot is yet another crucial online discount site that offers free online coupon codes for over 20000 stores for anything from Victoria’s Secret to Amazon. The site also offers an online community that gives you feedback on how coupons work and also acts as the best place for users to submit their coupons. Coupons are here for your favorite store in addition to magazines, books, electronics, and even hotels. It is nice and easy to use where you can even operate using your smartphone in their app. Once you sign up for Hot Coupon Newsletter, you can get the latest discount codes sent to your emails frequently.


SlickDeals is a community-driven deals website where users contribute by voting on the deals, and the most popular ones feature on the front page. However, if what you want does not feature on the front page, don’t panic as you can search it by category or by store. This website posts loads of fantastic deals, other goodies, and coupons throughout the day. Users can track the deals posted via the Slickdeals front page, forums, Deal Alerts, Sand lickDeals Mobile. The RSS feeds ensure that you don’t miss your favorite posted deal.


If you are fond of newspapers, the name SmartSource could probably ring a bell on your mind. This website has hundreds of fantastic deals you can take advantage of. It focuses on printable coupons and therefore, all you have to do is to browse and clip the ones that meet your interest and print from your computer. Entering your ZIP code gives you an opportunity to browse local deals at the top of the website.

Coupon Cabin

Coupon Cabin is an amazing website that offers online coupons for more than 2000 stores. There are loads of great deals which you can take advantage of and free coupon codes are also available for your favorite stores. The website also offers free printable travel, retail, grocery, and restaurant coupons. At the Coupon Cabin, you will find the great deals on the front page thus making it easy for you to choose and pick the coupons that interest you.

How to download coupons

As a visitor, you can print the coupons from the website of your choice using the software printing programs in the individual websites. The software monitors the number of coupons printed. Instructions on how to download coupons are found on each website and they are simple and precise. To make it even more interesting, you only need to download the programs once when printing the coupons unless you opt to use a different computer. After downloading for the first time, the coupons you select are printed automatically during the next visits.

Final thoughts

There are coupons and money-saving website all over, some of which contain everything you need. The best thing is to sign up for more of these websites and you will feel overwhelmed by inboxes that notifying you of more deals every day. Be in the frontline and save money by choosing few websites that focus on online promo code and others that focus on printable in-store coupons and you will live a happy person thanking the technology for making everything easy and manageable.


10 Slot Machine For Iphone

Every casino in today’s world hugely relies on income from slot machines. With the tremendous increase of games on your handset, it has been crucial to apportion these machines a place into your device. With that in mind, the slot machines are gaining popularity by the day, and with the many models currently on the market, it may be a hassle to choose the best for you.

To save you the tragedy, I have come up with the best 10 slot machines based on; their social networking, fun and free slots.

Not arranged in any order, you can get started with any of them and have the best experience.


1) Caesar’s Casino

This app is the most recent on the Playtika LTD’s apps. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The app offers you 100 free spins where you get to have a big win. The app also has more than 100 games and bonus that is provided on a daily basis. You can also visit the Mega wins and the expanding wilds. Its breathtaking settings and offers are worth giving a try.


2) GSN Casino

The Game Show Network is an app that gives you an opportunity to play slots using numerous themed game shows. Some of its slots include the Wheel of fortune, Deal or No Deal and various game shows similar to those featured on America’s TV. In the Deal or no Deal slot, you have the chance where you can win a Token Multiplier after battling with the banker.
3) Hit it Rich

This app is from the famous Zynga, where you have the opportunity to select your preferred movie and TV themes to play with. You have a definite assurance of having some pretty much fun whether you choose Wizard of Oz and meander through the yellow brick path or catch The Fonz repeatedly.
4) Slotomania; Vegas Slots

This app is also from Playtika LTD. On your iPad or iPhone, you can get to enjoy the enormous jackpots wins offered by this app, 160 premium slots and several free coins after ever three hours. The enjoyable part of this app is that after every week, a new game is introduced. As a player, you also get to be rewarded with a piggy bank, where you can hoard your coins, both the winnable and the free ones.


5) Wizard of OZ

This game is also designed by Zynga and has grown to be a frequently used theme by numerous players. This game offers credits and massive payouts daily. This game has Emerald City and Mega wild slots. To people who like nostalgia, this is the best game for them.


6) Scatter slots; New Vegas

This game is full of mysterious and boundless journeys full of missions. The game offers bonus slots hourly and HOT designed characters. This game slot is from Murlka Entertainment LTD.


7) Slots Era; New Vegas Casino

This too is a Murka product. This app is famous for its wildly created themes. It is the desired choice for people who love traveling back, and history from the olden times.


8) Infinity Slots; Vegas Casino

A Murka product also, a game slot that is freely offering 3 million coins to starters. Also, they give free coins to their users in every 2 hours. Akin to ones the developer put out, this app has several beautiful and exciting graphics and never-ending journeys.


9) Jackpot Magic Slots and Casino

Besides being a slot app, this is also a social site that you can use to chats with other users. This site offers daily free coins, big wins, and has numerous online players.


10) Big fish Casino slot

This slot app is developed by the Big Fish Games, it offers dozens of games and daily spins that you can make a choice from.

The Top 10 Companies That Want Your Feedback

company wants your opinion

When you have accurate, balanced and worthwhile information, you put yourself ahead of your competitors. But do you have what it takes to out-compete them? Well, if you don’t, then you can get all the necessary data from your loyal customers. But did you know that companies are willing to offer free products in exchange for reviews and customer feedback? Did you also know that the most prominent sample box companies charge brands to include their products and services in their monthly boxes? Well, now you know. As a customer, you’ve just got to know which companies and how to ask to receive free products. Besides, the only cost you incur is the time spent writing the review. Fortunately, we’ve drafted the top companies for you to enjoy the free product tester benefits and in return, give your feedback.

The Top Companies That Will Want Your Feedback

  1. CrowdTap

In CrowdTap, customers team up with their favorite brands to make informed decisions, develop new ideas, and help the brands to market their products. It is a platform in which you get to earn points through uploading photos, taking polls, answering questionnaires and leaving comments. The points earned then can gift you free samples, among them including the Silk Nutchello and yogurt, Always, Splenda and even Tampax. As such, you can use these points to score full-size samples from CrowdTap. To get the products, however, you will need to register for an account and click on samples to start earning.

  1. Pink Panel

At Pink Panel, not only do you get to receive free products, but you also get gift certificates, or beauty products rewards worth up to $1 00 for leaving reviews. The beauty products you can benefit from include skin care products, hair straighteners, and even facial cleansing brushes. All you’ve got to is to create an account, then follow them on Facebook. Through this, you will get to test products and get rewarded in gift cards.

  1. Influenster

To qualify for free samples with Influenster, you will need to create a profile with your preferred brands and lifestyle. But after qualifying, the Influenster sends a box full of samples (called ‘VoxBox’) to you in return for your feedback after trying. Some of the free products may include Downy, Always, and Pantene. However, they may sometimes demand that you take a ‘Shelfie” with a specific brand of product or to review a particular product you have used.

  1. Minute’s Ricipe Club

By joining the Riceipe Club, you will get to enjoy free Minuterice products. Therefore, become a member today, and you can qualify to be a free product tester. You will only need to join the club, then check for “Product Taste Tests or Customer Surveys” to enjoy these products, after which, you will have to leave a review.

  1. BzzAgent

At BzzAgent, you enjoy products like Swiffer, L’Oreal, and Clay among others in return for your feedback. You’ve just got to sign up for an account and gain access to full-size samples.

  1. Brooks

By creating a profile survey and adding your exercising activities, preferred shoes, and clothes, you could qualify for wear testing. At Brooks, you will get to enjoy their quality running shoes and apparel for free. However, they may require some of the items to be returned after the trial period.

  1. Marie Claire

By signing up for Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club, you get to receive the latest beauty products sweepstake entries, special offers, and insider events. Even better, you can get handbags, mascara, and lipsticks. But they will demand that you leave a review.

  1. Glamour Glam Spotters

Here, you get to test products like nail polish, lotions and lipstick before they hit the shelves.

  1. Mead4Teachers

If you are a teacher looking to taste free Mead products, then all you need to do is to create an account, and you could get free school supplies.

  1. Vogue Insiders

The Vogue Insiders team offers the latest beauty products and trends in return for your feedback. Join them today, and you could receive full-size beauty products.