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Top 6 Free Video Editing Software

Free video editing programs offer a fast and a hassle-free way of editing your videos. And the best part is that most of these software are so easy that beginner editors will find them great.


A video editor comes in handy when you need to extract audio from video file or you want to cut out parts of a video, add audio, add subtitles, merge video files together, build a DVD menu and even fade a video out. A video editor of some sort is important to most vloggers.


Because majority free video editors limit features to promote their professional versions, you may not access a full list of features that let you accomplish advanced edits. For video editors that offer more features but come at a cost, your best bet is to try mid-level video software.


  1. OpenShot (Windows, Linux and Mac)

OpenShot has lots of amazing features, which make editing videos using this editor an extraordinary experience. It can be downloaded for free in Windows and Mac as well as Linux.


Some of its supported features include audio and image support, curve-based Key Frame animations, 3D effects and animated tiles and unlimited layers and tracks.


The software is also ideal for scaling, trimming, clip resizing, rotation and snapping, as well as frame stepping, audio mixing, time-mapping and real time previews.


The fact that all this is available for you for free is a good enough reason to download it and try the editor before you buy the paid version.


  1. VideoPad (Windows & Mac)

VideoPad is yet another video editing software that’s designed for Mac and Windows, and it’s from NCH Software.


Completely free for non-commercial use, the program supports drag-and-drop, 3D video editing, transitions, effects, video stabilization, free built-in sound effects, color control, easy narration and text and caption overlay.


VideoPad also lets you reverse the video, alter the video speed, burn DVDs, export movies to YouTube and import music and has different resolutions like 4K and 2K.


  1. Freemake Video Converter (Windows)

This software works as a free video converter, and it’s why it makes it to this list. But what truly sets it apart is its easy-to-use features.

Ability to perform some light editing to videos is even better when you can also use same tool for converting the file to various other formats, or even directly burn files to a disc.

Its features include clipping out sections that you don’t want from your video, adding or removing audio, merging/joining videos and adding subtitles.


  1. VSDC Free Video Editor (Windows)

The VSDC is complete free video editing software that can be installed on Windows. But you need to be warned because this program isn’t the easiest to use especially for beginners since it has a lot of menus and features.


However, if you stick around and play a bit with the editor, it becomes much less daunting than when you first opened it.


It even has a wizard that you can run out to make matters a little easier. Among the things you can do include adding shapes, charts, and lines. You can also add animations, audios, images and subtitles. Plus, it’s also capable of exporting videos to various file formats.


Also, this video editor also allows you to easily set up their screen recorder and video capture program. While these are optional, they can be important in some projects.


  1. iMovie (Mac)

iMovie is absolutely free for macOS. The video editor offers lots of options for editing audio and video, and lets you add music, narration and photos to your videos.


The ability of iMovie to make 4K-res movies is probably its most outstanding feature, and you can start it on your iPad or iPhone and then finish the job on your Mac.


  1. Movie Maker (Windows)

This free video editing software from Windows comes preinstalled on various Window versions. It can be used to create as well as share high-quality clips or movies.


The reason I’ve included it here is because it is already on a number of Windows machines, which mean it could be available to you even without needing to download anything.


While Microsoft discontinued the Movie Maker at the beginning of 2017, it’s still possible to download it from websites that have no relationship with Microsoft.


More Free Online-based Editing Software


Are you still looking for other options other than the ones described above? Or are you interested in editing your videos online without being charged for it? There are many online editors that are just as the downloaded tools. The services are perfect for remixing and re-editing web videos, and some can even let you generate DVDs of your videos.


10 Slot Machine For Iphone

Every casino in today’s world hugely relies on income from slot machines. With the tremendous increase of games on your handset, it has been crucial to apportion these machines a place into your device. With that in mind, the slot machines are gaining popularity by the day, and with the many models currently on the market, it may be a hassle to choose the best for you.

To save you the tragedy, I have come up with the best 10 slot machines based on; their social networking, fun and free slots.

Not arranged in any order, you can get started with any of them and have the best experience.


1) Caesar’s Casino

This app is the most recent on the Playtika LTD’s apps. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. The app offers you 100 free spins where you get to have a big win. The app also has more than 100 games and bonus that is provided on a daily basis. You can also visit the Mega wins and the expanding wilds. Its breathtaking settings and offers are worth giving a try.


2) GSN Casino

The Game Show Network is an app that gives you an opportunity to play slots using numerous themed game shows. Some of its slots include the Wheel of fortune, Deal or No Deal and various game shows similar to those featured on America’s TV. In the Deal or no Deal slot, you have the chance where you can win a Token Multiplier after battling with the banker.
3) Hit it Rich

This app is from the famous Zynga, where you have the opportunity to select your preferred movie and TV themes to play with. You have a definite assurance of having some pretty much fun whether you choose Wizard of Oz and meander through the yellow brick path or catch The Fonz repeatedly.
4) Slotomania; Vegas Slots

This app is also from Playtika LTD. On your iPad or iPhone, you can get to enjoy the enormous jackpots wins offered by this app, 160 premium slots and several free coins after ever three hours. The enjoyable part of this app is that after every week, a new game is introduced. As a player, you also get to be rewarded with a piggy bank, where you can hoard your coins, both the winnable and the free ones.


5) Wizard of OZ

This game is also designed by Zynga and has grown to be a frequently used theme by numerous players. This game offers credits and massive payouts daily. This game has Emerald City and Mega wild slots. To people who like nostalgia, this is the best game for them.


6) Scatter slots; New Vegas

This game is full of mysterious and boundless journeys full of missions. The game offers bonus slots hourly and HOT designed characters. This game slot is from Murlka Entertainment LTD.


7) Slots Era; New Vegas Casino

This too is a Murka product. This app is famous for its wildly created themes. It is the desired choice for people who love traveling back, and history from the olden times.


8) Infinity Slots; Vegas Casino

A Murka product also, a game slot that is freely offering 3 million coins to starters. Also, they give free coins to their users in every 2 hours. Akin to ones the developer put out, this app has several beautiful and exciting graphics and never-ending journeys.


9) Jackpot Magic Slots and Casino

Besides being a slot app, this is also a social site that you can use to chats with other users. This site offers daily free coins, big wins, and has numerous online players.


10) Big fish Casino slot

This slot app is developed by the Big Fish Games, it offers dozens of games and daily spins that you can make a choice from.

The Top 10 Companies That Want Your Feedback

company wants your opinion

When you have accurate, balanced and worthwhile information, you put yourself ahead of your competitors. But do you have what it takes to out-compete them? Well, if you don’t, then you can get all the necessary data from your loyal customers. But did you know that companies are willing to offer free products in exchange for reviews and customer feedback? Did you also know that the most prominent sample box companies charge brands to include their products and services in their monthly boxes? Well, now you know. As a customer, you’ve just got to know which companies and how to ask to receive free products. Besides, the only cost you incur is the time spent writing the review. Fortunately, we’ve drafted the top companies for you to enjoy the free product tester benefits and in return, give your feedback.

The Top Companies That Will Want Your Feedback

  1. CrowdTap

In CrowdTap, customers team up with their favorite brands to make informed decisions, develop new ideas, and help the brands to market their products. It is a platform in which you get to earn points through uploading photos, taking polls, answering questionnaires and leaving comments. The points earned then can gift you free samples, among them including the Silk Nutchello and yogurt, Always, Splenda and even Tampax. As such, you can use these points to score full-size samples from CrowdTap. To get the products, however, you will need to register for an account and click on samples to start earning.

  1. Pink Panel

At Pink Panel, not only do you get to receive free products, but you also get gift certificates, or beauty products rewards worth up to $1 00 for leaving reviews. The beauty products you can benefit from include skin care products, hair straighteners, and even facial cleansing brushes. All you’ve got to is to create an account, then follow them on Facebook. Through this, you will get to test products and get rewarded in gift cards.

  1. Influenster

To qualify for free samples with Influenster, you will need to create a profile with your preferred brands and lifestyle. But after qualifying, the Influenster sends a box full of samples (called ‘VoxBox’) to you in return for your feedback after trying. Some of the free products may include Downy, Always, and Pantene. However, they may sometimes demand that you take a ‘Shelfie” with a specific brand of product or to review a particular product you have used.

  1. Minute’s Ricipe Club

By joining the Riceipe Club, you will get to enjoy free Minuterice products. Therefore, become a member today, and you can qualify to be a free product tester. You will only need to join the club, then check for “Product Taste Tests or Customer Surveys” to enjoy these products, after which, you will have to leave a review.

  1. BzzAgent

At BzzAgent, you enjoy products like Swiffer, L’Oreal, and Clay among others in return for your feedback. You’ve just got to sign up for an account and gain access to full-size samples.

  1. Brooks

By creating a profile survey and adding your exercising activities, preferred shoes, and clothes, you could qualify for wear testing. At Brooks, you will get to enjoy their quality running shoes and apparel for free. However, they may require some of the items to be returned after the trial period.

  1. Marie Claire

By signing up for Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club, you get to receive the latest beauty products sweepstake entries, special offers, and insider events. Even better, you can get handbags, mascara, and lipsticks. But they will demand that you leave a review.

  1. Glamour Glam Spotters

Here, you get to test products like nail polish, lotions and lipstick before they hit the shelves.

  1. Mead4Teachers

If you are a teacher looking to taste free Mead products, then all you need to do is to create an account, and you could get free school supplies.

  1. Vogue Insiders

The Vogue Insiders team offers the latest beauty products and trends in return for your feedback. Join them today, and you could receive full-size beauty products.

6 Ways on How to Get Free Steam Games(2018)

get free steam games for the family

Are you a freaking gamer? Are you head over hills to get free steam games?

Are you facing tough times financially to buy a game that you love from the bottom of your heart?

What will you do if I reveal a secret to download PC games legally? You will be excited and jump all over with the joy. You can either go with the legal way or illegal way for this. But if you go toward the illegal way all the hard work of the game developers and thinkers go in vain.

So you must be wondering how to get free steam games without paying a penny for premium content? Let’s take a look at an amazing ways to get steam games.

  1. Knock Reddit: Reddit is an amazing community for gamers especially Ask Me Anything. It gives an ample opportunity to open the discussion regarding free steam games. Few game developers are kind to share the keys of their games when someone asks for it in a genuine way. This helps them to improve online popularity of their game and increase number of users.
  2. Vote for Reward: Every year, CVG (Computer and Video Games) organize an award ceremony for games and they ask the passionate gamers to vote on their favorite game in respective category like gaming, mission, fighting and many more. At the end of the voting the respondent are allowed to choose 1 or 2 games of their choice for FREE. This is the best way shown on how to get free steam games legally.
  3. Giveaways: Look out for and participate in Giveaways going on they will help you to grab a game for free that you loved for. As Steam distribution service made possible for publishers/developers to determine the value of their game so they arrange giveaways more frequently in return to a good review or a vote to improvise their popularity.
  4. Rewards for Social Actions: One of the legit ways on how to get free steam games is to shower some social love to the game by sharing it on your social media profiles and by commenting about it in a positive way to let your social users know about it. This helps game developers to spread the word about the game in favor of social rewards.
  5. Game Reviewer: You can also start a blog to write reviews of game which you have played in the past. Gradually, you will expect lots of game developers coming at you and ask to write and post a review about their game to let your readers know about it. This is one of the best methods shown how to get free steam games legally.
  6. Bitcoin Opportunities: In online world you will came across lots of website offering an opportunity to earn bitcoins to participate in their promotional campaign. Later once you grab bitcoins you can use it to get steam games for free. Also bitcoins can be used for buying the steam games legally to give the developer a value for money.

On a concluding note, there are number of places you can grab your free games. Once and for all subscribe to gaming blogs and keep an eye on the giveaways offered by them raise the chance to get free steam games to enjoy your gaming time.

Happy Gaming!!!

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